Local Headlines

A group of Danbury City Council members will look into a request for nearly $1 million to acquire two parcels of land near the airport.  The Airport Administrator requested about 815-thousand dollars for the land at 89 Wooster Heights Road and 25 Miry Brook Road. 

The blighted property is within the flight path of the airport and continues to be the subject of enforcement actions by the City, the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and others.  

The City is applying for a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration and Connecticut Aviation Administration for reimbursement.  When asked why the grants aren't being sought first, officials said the FAA wants to minimize the level of uncertainty for airport projects before formally awarding a grant. 

The FAA would pay 90-percent while the CAA pays 7.5, leaving the City to cover 2.5 percent.  Environmental studies are needed.  The estimated cost doesn't cover legal fees.