Local Headlines

The New Milford Police Department will be holding an active aggressor training next week at Schaghticoke Middle School.  Classes are not yet in session, so the training will take place in the area of the building that is empty, where summer staff will not be working. 

Police Chief Spencer Cerruto wanted to let residents know about the training activity at the school, so they are aware that it's just an exercise.  He said given the ongoing and recent tragedies across the country, they wanted to further evaluate and assess the department's level of preparedness. 

He also wanted to assure parents before the school year starts that they are focused on protecting children.  He notes that they are aware of the evolution and increasing frequency of these events, and have tailored their response to these situations to take immediate action to protect lives. 

The police department is coordinating with Mayor Pete Bass and Superintendent Kerry Parker.  Cerruto says the New Milford Police Department is committed to continually training officers to respond to all types of critical incidents, including active aggressors.