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The Brookfield Water Pollution Control Authority is looking into septic waste in Candlewood Lake.  During their meeting tonight, the group will discuss how to prevent damaging nutrients from entering the lake through septic systems of 1,500 properties around Candlewood in the drainage area. 

Sites proposed for field testing to determine septic nitrogen and phosphorous contributions to Candlewood Lake will also be discussed.  Researchers plan to explain to property owners in the proposed study area about reviewing the initial findings for their lot and give them an opportunity to speak with project engineers. 

The $320,000 study is being paid for by the WPCA, with a 55-percent state Connecticut Clean Water Fund grant covering about half.  The Candlewood Lake Authority says Brookfield is the first of the five towns surrounding the lake to engage in this kind of study. 

Tonight's meeting is at 7 o'clock in Room 133 of Brookfield Town Hall.

Future meetings will be held to determine needed improvements on lot by lot basis.  That meeting is tentatively scheduled for November or December.  In February or March, a meeting will be held on proposed solution scenarios for addressing needs, along with capital and annual O&M costs.  Next May, a meeting will be scheduled to discuss a Preferred Scenario Plan, along with refined cost estimates and Implementation Plan. 

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