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A local lawmaker is touting a bill signed into law by the Governor this summer.  Danbury Representative David Arconti says the bill is about Epi Pens and similar injectors.  In the fall of 2016 a constituent, Christina Ilardi, reached out with an idea to increase access to these devices to address life threatening reactions to food allergies.  Arconti says this is a great example of how representative government works for the people.

If a person has received specified training and acts with reasonable care, the bill allows them to administer epinephrine auto injectors to someone experiencing an allergic reaction. The bill also grants these individuals civil and criminal liability immunity if they act with reasonable care. 

Additionally, the bill allows prescribing practitioners to issue standing order prescriptions for EpiPens to individuals who do not necessarily need them, and it allows pharmacists to dispense them.  Previous to this law, in Connecticut you could only get an Epipen with a prescription from a doctor. Public places, like restaurants and sports arenas, can only stock up if they have permission from a doctor.

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