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UPDATED: 28 killed, 20 children, at Sandy Hook Elementary School

28 people have been killed in a shooting rapmage at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  20 children were killed, 18 of them died at the school and two died at the Hospital from injuries sustained in the shooting.  Six adults were also killed at the school.  One person was injured.  The shooter died of what apparently were self inflicted wounds.  State Police spokesman Lt Paul Vance says officers did not fire any shots.  He notes that the shootings took place in one section of the school.



Governor Dannel Malloy will address the state at 5pm Saturday evening.  He is meeting today in Newtown with members of the community.  He doesn't plan to address media at Treadwell Park this afternoon.


The alleged shooter's mother, Nancy Lanza, was found shot in her home.  Reports are that the shooter is 20-year old Adam Lanza.  Originially police identified the shooter as his brother, 24-year old Ryan Lanza, but a source says the officer transposed the names.  Ryan Lanza is cooperating with police, but is not believed to be involved in this incident.


Two adults identified as victims of this shooting are Principal Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung and school psychologist Mary Sherlach.  They along with the vice principal and others were in an administrative meeting when the shooter entered the school.



Vance says only one list of names of the victims will be released, so he will not make any announcement until the Medical Examiner has completed their work, and positive identifications have been made.  Vance will be giving another breifing around 8am Saturday.


Shortly after the shooting, all schools in the district went into lock down mode.  A reverse 911 call was sent out to the town.  Some nearby towns also put the schools on lock down.


Parents streamed down the road, many running toward the school, in hopes of being reunited with their children.  There were some frantic parents searching and being told to go to the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire House nearby where many of the students had been taken.  There were many tears of relief as parents hugged their children while walking away from the fire house.  For those parents who were wating for word of their children's well being, it was an agonizingly long run down the hill.  After being reunited, many parents didn't want to speak in front of their children about what had just happened.  Others were anxious to leave the area and go to the safety of their homes. 



A law enforcement official told the Associated Press that authorities investigating the shooting found more guns inside the school than the initial two that had been reported.  Other law enforcement officials also speaking on condition of anonymity have said the gunman apparently left a high-powered rifle in the back of a car he drove to school.  That official also said the gunman had a possible personality disorder.


The official says Ryan Lanza's computers and phone records were being searched but only "in an abundance of caution." He says Ryan told authorities he had not been in touch with his brother in recent years.


Danbury Hospital CEO John Murphy says they prepared for the worse, but only three people were brought in.  Two were students who succumbed to their injuries.


Governor Malloy says evil has visited this community today.


Vance says the scene is secured, but it is still an active crime scene.  The Medical Examiner's office is at the school working with parents to positively identify the victims of this tragedy.  A State Trooper is posted with each of the families so that they can be given information before it's made public.


Hundreds of people are packing St Rose of Lima Church to remember the victims of this tragic shooting.  With the church filled to capacity, hundreds of people stood outside Friday night, some of them holding hands in circles and saying prayers. Others lit candles and sang "Silent Night."


Governor Malloy is among the speakers.  Lt Governor Nancy Wyman, Senator Richard Blumenthal, Senator-elect Chris Murphy and State Senator John McKinney were also among those at the church.  Town and school officials were also at the scene.



Flags have been ordered to fly at half-staff in Connecticut and across the country.


The American Red Cross is providing food and water to first responders.  Volunteers are also providing food, water and support to families who are still at the firehouse.

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