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Representatives are back in Washington DC and 4th District Congressman Jim Himes is calling on his colleagues to take action on gun safety legislation. 

Himes says he agrees with the President that the latest mass shooting hasn't really changed anything about the fun reform conversation.  He says moving commonsense measures forward, like universal background checks, closing gun show loopholes and supporting red flag laws, has stalled. 

Himes added that Mitch McConnell is hiding behind the President refusing to do anything until Trump takes a position. He called the inaction infuriating.

Senator Chris Murphy has released a statement on his direct negotiations with the White House on background checks legislation.  Murphy says time is running short to find a compromise on the issue.   He is still negotiating in good faith to find a bipartisan proposal that will expand checks to cover more commercial sales.

Murphy continues to take the president at his word that he wants the same thing.  But as each day goes by, Murphy says it seems more likely that they're going to find themselves back in a familiar place where 90 percent of the Americans who want more background checks are going to be disappointed once again.

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