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Local Headlines

Sherman tie vote denies funding to Candlewood Lake Authority for weed mapping

Funding for weed mapping on Candlewood Lake did not pass in Sherman.  During the town meeting last weekend, there was a tie vote which resulted in the $5,000 allocation being denied. 

The money would have been sent to the Candlewood Lake Authority so they could hire the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station to continue mapping the aquatic plants.  The move was proposed after First Light Power Resources, the lake's owner, hired Northeast Aquatic Research to do the mapping this year.  First Selectman Don Lowe told the Newstimes that the executive committee of the CLA sanctioned the change, but it was not supported by the CLA Board.

Sherman residents approved $2,000 for surveillance cameras at Volunteer Park in an effort to address vandalism issues with people driving on the grass.  Residents also signed off on Saturday for up to $7,000 for a fence at Volunteer Field. 

Sherman residents approved up to $15,000 to drill a new well by town hall.  The allocation will also be used for infrastructure needed to get the water to the Sherman Playhouse and the firehouse.  Sherman officials hope this solves a longstanding problem of high levels of sodium and chloride at town hall, the Sherman School and senior center. 

A study done last year found that the elevated levels are due to road salt getting into the wells.