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Sandy Hook students have 1st day back in class

Some Newtown students are returning to classes today at the new Sandy Hook Elementary School, a building in Monroe that used to be a middle school. 


Monroe Police Chief John Salvatore was asked if the town is receiving state assistance with costs.  He says their focus right now is returning kids to a sense of normalcy and that finances have not yet been discussed.


Monroe Police Lt Keith White declined to comment on how the surviving 1st graders will be in combined classes today.


Newtown Superintendent of Schools Dr Janet Robinson was asked if not renaming the school will bring back bad memories.  She says the teachers and faculty made the decision to have the same name,  She notes that Sandy Hook is a part of the Newtown family.


Robinson says this week won't be heavy on curriculum, but it's important to get students and staff back into a semi-normal routine.  She says this doesn't look like the old school, it's the same furniture and their belongings, but it's a different building and the teachers were creative in setting up their rooms in very different ways.


Robinson says she was touched by the volunteers who helped make Chalk Hill ready as an elementary school.  When she walked through the building last week, Robinson says there were three Monroe teachers with each of the Newtown teachers helping them set up their classrooms.


Mental health workers are in each Newtown school and at the new Sandy Hook.

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