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The Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial Commission recently held another meeting about how to move forward on the selected design. First Selectman Dan Rosenthal says the first call with a fundraising firm was promising.  The second firm asked for a potential donor list and he says had an extraordinary fee.  

One of the parents on the Commission who lost a child on 12-14 has questioned what kind of budget would pass at a referendum. Rosenthal told Brian Engel and others on the Commission that the community accepts the idea of a memorial, but because of emotions people will be private on their feelings.  He thinks a lower cost stands a better chance of passing.

Committee member, former First Selectman Pat Llodra suggested rescoping the project as the cost is greater than what can realistically be achieved.  She does not believe a $10 million project would be acceptable to the community.  None of the elements have been subject to professional cost estimates.  Llodra suggested the Public Works Department help with topography to reduce overall infrastructure costs.

One Committee member said they can't let the excellent get in the way of the good and should continue with parts of the design that are affordable. 

When discussing the cost of the pavilion, the question was asked about scaling back its size, as opposed to removing it all together.  Joann Bacon, whose daughter Charlotte was killed on 12-14, was disappointed.  Bacon believes option three won't work because it's missing so much of what the Commission liked. 

If there can't be bridges over the two ponds on site, another feature such as a dock or platform was requested.

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