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Danbury Firefighter, en route to work, carries crash victim to safety

A Danbury Firefighter on his way to a night shift came across a car accident and carried the driver to safety.  Jeff Nolet was driving along the Saw Mill Parkway Sunday night and noticed a gathering of cars and people on the shoulder of the road.  He was told there was a car over the embankment with someone still inside. 

Nolet, who was already in his work uniform, made sure someone had called 911 and went to assess the situation.  The car was on its side in a small stream, with the engine still running and the wheels turning.  Nolet entered the calf-deep, cold, muddy water and told the driver to shut off the ignition. 

The driver was not trapped, but reported his shoulder hurt.  Nolet managed to lift the patient onto his shoulder and carried him away from the vehicle while negotiating the mud and water. 

Once emergency responders arrived, he briefed the local first responders on the situation and transferred care to them.  He still made it on time to the start of his night shift.

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