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Greater Danbury area schools continue to review security protocols

During the Danbury Board of Education School Safety Workshop last week several parents voiced concern with the open floor plan of the King Street School.  Campus Assistant Principal Tina Hislop addressed those in attendance.  She said the crisis team met that morning to figure out where kids could go to be safe if there was an unwanted person in the school.


There are work rooms, storage rooms, computer rooms and bathrooms where every class can go to.  Hislop says she feels confident that even though some of the safe zones are bathrooms, they have a door and a lock and will get the job done until there are walls and doors elsewhere.


Hislop says she is looking at each classroom having a door to the outside as a positive thing, because if there was an intruder that would be a quick way out.


She says the district is asking the school to practice the safe zone drill three times a month.


Bethel officials have met to review school safety.  First Selectman Matt Knickerbocker says it would cost at least $500,000 a year to have a police officer in each of the schools.  A school resource officer was already at the High School.  There is a police presence in the schools at drop off and dismissal.  Police are also patrolling the school campus. 


He notes that police patrols of the school campus will remain in place for the foreseeable future.


Knickerbocker says the town has had strong security procedures and protocols in place for several years.  Those include alarms on doors, doors being closed at all times and the front doors locked once school starts. 


There is a video system where visitors have to be recognized and then being buzzed in.  Knickerbocker says the cameras are being upgraded so ID can be seen and read through the system.

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