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More than two dozen new laws take effect in Conn. this new year

More than two dozen new laws take effect in this new year. 

One is meant to make life easier by cutting down on trips to the DMV.  The six years between license renewals will expand to eight an the two years between registration renewals will expand to three.  The registration fee is being increased to account for the change. 

The 6.35% state sales tax will be expanded to more goods and services, including parking, dry cleaning and laundry, interior design and safety apparel.  The broader base for sales tax is estimated to bring in $25 million the first full year collected. 

The state Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection will expand its free training for state and local police to include techniques for handling youths and adults with on the autism spectrum. Advocates says the training is needed to avoid situations from escalating needlessly based on miscommunications or misinterpretations.  

Health insurance policies in Connecticut will be required, as of today, to expand coverage for breast ultrasound screenings to include all women who are 40 and older, regardless of whether they have a family or personal history of breast cancer.  With certain exceptions, out-of-pocket expenses for covered breast ultrasounds and mammograms are also prohibited. 

Another bill taking effect today in Connecticut removes a previous age restriction of 12 years and under for mandatory health insurance coverage for hearing aids. Individuals of all ages are now eligible.

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