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Parents form Sandy Hook Promise

Some parents of children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School last month have come together as a group and pledged to turn conversation into action, noting that the time is now for change.  Among them is Nelba Marquez Greene.  She put two children on the bus to school that day, and only one came home.  She says no parent, guardian or caregiver should know that pain.



Nicole Hockley says the families have met people from similar tragedies in Aurora, Columbine and Virginia Tech to learn ways to help heal.  She said she doesn't want to carry that torch.  She doesn't want there to be a next time.


Hockley called it a sad honor to be speaking on the 1 month anniversary of losing her son saying it feels like only yesterday, yet at other times it feels like years have passed.  She said sh was proud to be part of the town and to stand for her son Dylan.


Hockley says the Sandy Hook Promise is the start of change.  She notes that there has been a lot of change in just a month with a school lovingly transformed as well as fundraising to help those in most need.



Jeremy Richman and his wife created the Avielle Foundation in honor of their daughter.  The Foundation is for behavioral and bio-chemical mental health research to identify risk factors and measure success of interventions.  Richman says he wants to bring about change to prevent another similar tragedy in schools, theaters, malls and other places.  He thanked everyone for their unwaivering support during such a dark time.



David Wheeler says the proper role of parents and parental responsibility will likely to be addressed in coming conversations. He and his wife have rededicated themselves to being the best possible parents to their surviving son.


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