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A public information meeting was held this week in Danbury about a proposed 62 million dollar bond package. Some of the money would be dedicated to adding new classroom space at the middle school level and renovating the Osborne Street Administrative Building into classroom space.

Mayor Mark Boughton says after engineering and architecture plans are drawn up, they may determine a pre-k center is needed to centralize those operations.  He added that the City could decide a new school is needed, but that has yet to be determined.

Boughton says it's frustrating for everyone when an elevator at Danbury High School goes down for two months.  He says it's not for lack of paying the bills or lack of money in the budget, it's because the infrastructure is so old that the City can't get the parts anymore.  The building department has struggled for years to fix the elevators because it could take two to three months to have special pieces machined and then installed. 

The bond package calls for new elevators at DHS, Broadview Middle School, and Rogers Park Middle School.  Boughton says this is critical to meeting ADA and Special Education requirements.  C and D wing have elevators from the early 1960s.  In E wing, Rogers Park and Broadview, it will be a modernization. 

That part of the bond bill is estimated at $1.5 million.

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