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NY man arrested for 2018 drug robbery, stabbings

A New York man has been arrested for a 2018 drug robbery and stabbing in Danbury.  

City Police took 24-year old Collin Hedley into custody last week after he was released from a New York correctional facility, where he was being held in a manslaughter case.  The Yonkers man was charged with home invasion, robbery, assault, conspiracy to commit assault, and accessory to robbery and to larceny. 

Hedley pleaded not guilty and is being held on bond for a court appearance February 5th. 

The charges stem from an incident on Windaway Road, where two men were found with multiple stab wounds.  Police found two knives in the house, both with blood stains.

The victims told police that they sold drugs to one of three men who came to the house that night.  According to arrest affidavits, one of the victims told police he sold them lean.  Lean is a liquid mix of prescription-grade cough syrup, soft drink and hard candy.  Court documents say a bag containing prescription Xanax pills was also stolen.  One suspect allegedly asked to to see the victim’s wax, a cannabis concentrate. Two of the men then allegedly began stabbing the victims.

Two other men have been charged and have their cases pending in court.

Diego Trejo, of Bedford, was identified by the victims.  He confirmed Hedley’s identity for police.  Connecticut Insider reports that Trejo told police after the robbery he ran into the woods and called a Lyft to take him home.  Trejo was arrested in August 2018 for home invasion, robbery, accessory to assault and conspiracy to commit assault.

28-year old Rodney Harvey, of the Bronx, was identified through DNA evidence at the crime scene.  He was arrested in August 2019 for home invasion, conspiracy to commit assault, assault, accessory to robbery, and accessory to larceny.  He is due in court February 26th.

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