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Newtown State Rep Mitch Bolinsky will seek a fifth term, having served in the state House of Representatives since first being elected 2012.  

Bolinsky says Newtown has done well getting and keeping its fair share during his time in office.  As a member of the budget writing Appropriations Committee, Bolinsky played a lead role in the reforms instituted in the historic 2017 Bipartisan Budget.  Bolinsky added that his fluency with state budgets assures that Newtown’s key state funding is always monitored and acted upon before potential issues can become “problems.” 

Bolinsky also touted his work on the Joint Committee on Education to institute a new, 10-year state education funding model to assure a predictable state revenue stream into the future. Bolisnky helped to legislate the phase-out of state income tax on Social Security and pension income. 

Bolinsky will be holding a re-election kick off campaign on Tuesday night.

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