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A new executive order from the Governor directs the temporary closure of barbershops, hair salons, tattoo or piercing parlors, and related businesses effective at 8pm.  Mayor Mark Boughton had a message for businesses ordered closed.  Any business on that list, or ones previously ordered closed, must comply.  Boughton says they will be out enforcing the executive order.  It's a Class D felony to ignore the order.  Boughton says the quicker people comply with social distancing and closures, the quicker things can get back open.

Lamont's executive order on bars and restaurants being allowed to sell take out and delivery orders has been modified.  The establishments can sell alcohol, as long as the person picking up the order is of legal drinking age, not intoxicated, and if the order includes the pick-up of food prepared on site. The alcohol must be in a sealed container as received by the wholesaler.  The hours of such sales are the same as a package store.

The Governor's new order also expands the ability of patients and doctors to use telehealth for healthcare services, and temporarily suspends in-person investigation visits regarding suspected elder abuse and extends timelines for reporting investigation results.  Lamont has also suspended non-critical court operations and associated requirements, deadlines, and statutes of limitations.

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