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Governor Ned Lamont has ordered that non-essential workers, public and private, stay home to promote social distancing and slow the spread of the coronavirus.

The “Stay Safe Stay Home” initiative will start at 8pm on Monday. 

There are now 194 positive COVID-19 infections.  40 people are hospitalized.  Lamont also announced the fourth victim, who lived in Fairfield County.  The state is currently able to test 1,000 potential cases a day.

Only banks, liquor stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, vehicle repair shops, large construction projects and major defense contractors such as Sikorsky Aircraft should remain open, but with reduced staffs.  Restaurants and similar businesses, which are currently operating with take out or delivery service, can remain open.

This is similar to an announcement earlier in the day in New York State.

Lamont put a call out to companies that have extra medical protective equipment, asking to buy it, or the state will accept donations.


Lamont also put a call out for day care centers to remain open.  He announced that Barbara and Ray Dalio, and Dalio Philanthropies, will donate $3 million for 26 childcare centers near hospital where the parents of 1,066 kids work. Another $1 million will be split by the state’s two major food banks.


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