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As more businesses close and kids have been off from school for a week, there's a concern that people will start to congregate in larger groups.  Federal, state and local officials are reminding everyone that the reason for the closures is to try to limit person-to-person contact and slow the spread of coronavirus. 

Ridgefield First Selectman Rudy Marconi is asking that residents suspend all activities that encourage gathering.  Anyone out hiking on the open trails or at the high school track should still practice social distancing.  All recreation areas such as basketball, tennis, pickle ball and paddle courts are closed.  All playgrounds and the dog park are closed.  Marconi stressed the part about pickle ball, which is popular among seniors, noting that he's gotten a lot of emails from adult children asking for an ordinance or law to stop their parents from gathering.

The older age group is more susceptible because of underlying health issues and weaker immune systems.

Ridgefield Police Chief Jeff Kreitz says call volume has decreased.  But with more store closures, he reassured business owners that officers are performing more security checks.  There is a visible police presence in town, even though officers are taking more complaints over the phone to avoid contact.

Ridgefield Emergency Management Director Dick Aarons says mutual aid agreements will come into play when it comes to supplies.  He received a request to supply cots in case there's a need because of hospital overflow.

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