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Two Putnam County Sheriff Deputies have saved a brood of ducklings from a certain demise as they had followed each other down into a storm grate near the Ski Haus at Routes 22 and 312 in Brewster.  The ducklings are currently being looked after by Patrick Moore at Animal Nation.  Sheriff's Department officials say the pair did a “grate” job. 

(Photo: PCSD)

Meanwhile, in Bethel, Stony Hill Firefighters were alerted to a a kitten stuck in a storm drain over the weekend.  Once the stubborn grate was removed, LT. Evanuska, an avid cat owner, entered the catch basin and coaxed the kitten out with his own bag of Temptations Cat Treats. The cat was uninjured and was returned to its owners.

(Photo: SHVFD)

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