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Easton Police investigating report of stolen car, items taken from vehicles

On Monday night a vehicle was stolen from an Easton driveway and another car was entered.  Easton Police say these are not vehicle break ins because every vehicle that's been stolen in town recently has been left unlocked with the keys in it.  Every car entered, was also unlocked with valuables left inside. 

Easton Police say the offenders are usually juveniles driving in a stolen vehicle, two or three others dropped off and walk around.  If they try a door and it is locked, they move on to the next one. When they find one that is unlocked, they open the door and enter the vehicle. They press the ignition button, if it starts, they drive away.  If it does not start, they take whatever valuables you left inside. 

Easton Police say vehicles stolen from Easton have been recovered in Bridgeport, New Haven, Waterbury and several other towns. 

When a vehicle is recovered, Easton Police say they and other law enforcement agencies process the car for evidence and the analysis shows that the unknown offenders operate in communities all around the state.

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