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Acts of Kindness mark birthday of slain first grader

Yesterday would have been Charlotte Bacon's 7th birthday.  She was among the 20 first graders who were killed on December 14th. 



To celebrate her birthday, Charlotte's parents and brother were on hand when the first Charlotte Bacon Act of Kindness Awards were presented.  The event last night at the Healing Arts Center in Newtown was attended by about 100 people, including girls from Ohio and Wisconsin who were presented with the award.  



First grader Sara Casey, from Ohio led her class in creating a Kindness Quilt.  Wisconsin elementary schooler Ariana Pensy, whose essay encouraged others to "fill buckets" of love for those around them.  Newtown fifth graders Natalie Horn, Lindsay Dievert and Shannon Jackman, who founded a "Chain of Love" by mailing paper hearts around the world and   documenting their journey.  Monroe students Alyson Oleyar and Laura Crowley, creators of the Cool Kids Care Carnival.  'Kindest Heart in Texas' student Caren Ulcak.  'The Cousins That Care,' a young family of fundraisers from California.  Sonali and Mano Ranaweera, a brother and sister from California who have led efforts for recycling and donations for cleft lip surgeries.  Marcus and Andreas Josaitas, two brothers from California who save their allowance money to donate to worthy causes.


The award and it's related organization,, was created by the parents of a girl who was friends with Charlotte and wanted to honor her daily acts of kindness.


Charlotte's father said his family has received so many acts of kindness, encouragement, love, support and generosity during these difficult days.


“We have heard from so many friends (old and new), neighbors, community members, and even strangers from not just our nation but from around the world. It is our hope to continue this mission to encourage others, be kind to others, spread love and hope to one another. The habits of good deeds, especially developed in children, will have an immensely powerful and positive influence in our future generations.”

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