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70 to 80 trees fell across roads in Danbury by early evening Tuesday due to strong wind gusts.  Richter Park Authority officials shared photos showing 20 downed trees and damage to the driving range.  Mayor Mark Boughton says this is as much damage as he's seen from a storm in a number of years.  On Joe's Hill Road, a tree fell on a car.

A small brush fire was reported on Coal Pit Hill Road.  Firefighters were able to extinguish the flames.

Boughton notes that transformers had blown up on Main Street and Mill Plain Road.  He says it could be days if not a week before all power is restored.  He added that Eversource did have crews positioned across the state ahead of the impact.  Dozens of utility trucks could be seen parked at Danbury hotels along Lake Avenue and Mill Plain Road. 

Boughton says the eye of the storm went to the west of the Danbury area, which is why the region experienced stronger winds than expected.

As of 5am Wednesday, Eversource is reporting 14,887 outages, about 39.71% of the City.

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