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No invasive Zebra Mussels found at 3 searched locations in Candlewood Lake

On the most recent investigation to see if invasive Zebra Mussels were found in Candlewood Lake, researchers didn't find any. Dives at three locations were conducted July 24th, including at the location where the single mussel was found in May, a location in New Milford, and a new location in Sherman. The two trained divers searched for several hours and didn't see any evidence of Zebra Mussels.  The Candlewood Lake Authority called this good news, but note that they will continue to search.  CLA says this is because they can't confirm that there are no Zebra Mussels in the lake.  Researchers are taking water samples to test for Zebra Mussel DNA and looking for larvae under a microscope. Citizen scientists have deployed nearly 30 monitoring stations all around the lake as well.

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