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County Executive responds to DA's criticism of lawsuit settlement

The Putnam County Executive is responding to District Attorney Robert Tendy's opposition to the County Legislature approving a settlement of a federal lawsuit.  MaryEllen Odell says she is disappointed with Tendy's position regarding the DiPippo case settlement.  She called it an emotional response in a case where two prior District Attorneys obtained convictions, but he was unable to do so. 

Odell says many members of the legislature live in Carmel and remember the tragedy of when the victim's body was discovered.  She notes that justice was not to be and now they are making the most advantageous decision possible to put the past so that everyone can begin to heal. 

Odell noted that the settlement was reviewed and considered by the County’s insurer, insurance defense counsel, two separate insurance coverage counsels and a federal mediator.  She says Tendy was correct in one sentence of his statement where he asserts that the settlement was about one thing: money. The County Executive and the Legislature are collectively responsible for safeguarding the financial stability of the County government and for managing the County’s risk. 

She points out that Tendy’s job is to put criminals behind bars, adding that where Tendy failed to do his job effectively he cannot then blame Odell or the Legislature for doing theirs.

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