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The Bethel School District has sent out an update to parents who have opted for in-person learning for their children this fall.  Bethel school officials are suggesting a transition to the full in-person model, Pre K through 8th, and hybrid model at Bethel High School. This provides a slow reentry and the ability for staff and students to acclimate to all of the reentry procedures and mitigation strategies.

Johnson, Rockwell, and Berry Schools will open with a hybrid model and assigned cohort September 8th - September 24th, moving to full in-person reopening on Tuesday, September 29th.  Bethel Middle School's hybrid will last through October 2nd with full in-person reopening on Monday, October 5th.  Bethel High School - hybrid by cohort A and B - full in-person reopening to be determined. 

Factors such as enrollment patterns, resources and the age of buildings and their ventilation systems were taken into account.  The decision to reopen schools was made based on the wearing of masks, ventilation systems, social distancing, the ability to clean and disinfect, cohorting of students into groups and implementation of hygiene protocols.  Other factors locally were also considered, including the age of student and level of support needed in the distance learning model.  The impact of isolation on the social emotional well-being of students, access to food and the impact on working families were also taken into account. 

Any plans for reopening schools are fluid.

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