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Comedian John Oliver offers to donate to Danbury area charities if sewer plant is named after him

In the back and forth between comedy host John Oliver and the City of Danbury, the game has been upped. Oliver said on his show last night that he would donate to Danbury charities if the City follows through in naming the sewer plant after him, something Mayor Mark Boughton joked about in response to an earlier knock on Danbury by Oliver.

The comedian pledged in a nearly 8 minute portion of his half hour show to give $25,000 to Connecticut Food Bank, $5,000 to ALS Connecticut and $25,000 to cover all of the Danbury teacher requests on the site Donors Chose.

He gave Boughton one week to make good on the naming, even offering a sign for the plant in case the Mayor didn't want to spend public funding on the idea.

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