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Withholdings to start for Conn.'s new Paid Family Medical Leave program

Connecticut’s new paid family and medical leave law begins on January 1st, but only the first part of the program.  In 2022, residents will be eligible for up to 12 weeks of income replacement during time off for certain reasons.  Starting Friday, half of one percent of wages will be taken out of paychecks.  Paid Leave Authority CEO Andrea Barton Reeves says that's to build up the trust fund.

The benefit will provide up to 12 weeks of income replacement for workers who need to take time off for personal illness or to take care of a family member or loved one. Qualifying reasons include birth, serving as an organ or bone marrow donor and incidence of family violence.  An additional two weeks can be available for complications from pregnancy.

Employers of one or more people are responsible for withholding the deductions and remitting to the state.  Employers must register with the Authority and remit the withholdings at the end of April.  Employers who fail to withhold will be on the hook for any money not withheld from the start of the program.  The statute does not allow employers to go back to employees to collect the money if employers fail to withhold.

The statute does give the Authority to pursue employers that do not withhold, though Barton Reeves says they will do outreach first.  

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