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Applications accepted for Sandy Hook Workers Assistance Program

The fund is intended to provide immediate financial help for emergency responders, medical and mental health professionals, and Sandy Hook Elementary School employees who suffered a mental or emotional impairment because of the shooting. 


The Program limits each eligible person to a total of 52 weeks of financial help, including any retroactive payments to cover time lost and medical expenses before filing the application. 


All medical and mental health expense payments will be made directly to applicants who will be responsible to pay providers directly for services. If vacation or sick time compensation is being requested, the employer will be reimbursed and vacation or sick time would be restored. 


Eligible persons can receive financial help for unpaid wages from their employment and payments for related medical and mental health expenses that are not covered by health insurance or any other financial resources.   If applicants had unpaid lost wages or a decrease in income, payments will be made directly to that individual. 


In addition to the medical opinion, applicants must also submit a letter from employers or the agency they volunteer for that documents being at or provided necessary duties related to the Sandy Hook crisis.


More information about the Fund can be found here.

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