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FirstLight seeks long term permit from FERC for Brookfield restaurant on Candlewood

FirstLight has submitted a request to permit Down the Hatch restaurant's existing historical uses on Candlewood Lake to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  The Non-Project Use Application is for the Brookfield restaurant, which has been at its current location since 1946.  Because the existing uses have been continuously operated and maintain since before the Commission took jurisdiction, FirstLight is proposing to issue a long term permit.  The docks and other uses were constructed several decades ago without permission from FirstLight’s predecessors as a place for boaters to tie up when dining at the restaurant and as a place for viewing the lake.  The existing historical shoreline will not be altered and no new activities are expected.  FirstLight has also negotiated a long term license with the adjoining commercial land owner for execution once approval has been granted by FERC.  The Town of Brookfield has confirmed that Down the Hatch maintains all the necessary permits to operate the business.  This facility historically had maintained up to 50 slips to allow for access to the restaurant from the water. The current owner has agreed to maintain no more than 36 boat slips into the future as part of seeking FERC's approval for all of its existing historical uses.

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