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FERC signs off on continued use of restaurant on Candlewood

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has signed off on a request to approve the existing Down the Hatch restaurant facilities remain in FirstLight territory.  FERC approval was required as part of the license agreement.  The approval noted that the use of the lands must not endanger health, create a nuisance, or otherwise be incompatible with overall project recreational use.  It must protect the scenic, recreational, and other environmental values of Candlewood, and not unduly restrict public access to project waters.

Any party may file a request for rehearing of this order, but FERC officials say failure to file a request for rehearing constitutes acceptance of this order. 

The permittee has operated Down the Hatch since 1946.  It was initially operated as a hotdog stand. 

The boat docks have historically accommodated up to 50 watercraft at a time but the licensee is proposing to limit the amount of allowable boat docking space in the future to accommodate 36 watercraft at a time.

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