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New Fairfield residents approve budget

New Fairfield residents have approved a budget with very light turnout.  About 10-percent of eligible voters cast ballots Saturday.  978 people voted in person, and 23 voted by absentee ballot.  The municipal budget was approved in a vote of 578 to 422.  The Board of Ed budget also passed, on a vote of 542 to 458. 

The property tax will increase 2.98 percent, mostly because of debt service for the two new schools.  

The budget referendum is usually held in May, but the New Fairfield Board of Finance took extra time this year to make sure they had all the information they needed to keep the property tax increase as low was possible.  They waited to see what clarification there would be from the federal government on the use of federal relief funds in town budgets.  The federal funding could not be used to allay ongoing expenses not directly tied to COVID expenditures or lost revenues from COVID. 

Even though New Fairfield was eligible for over $1 million, the town will not be able to spend much of that under current federal guidelines.



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