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Conn. to phase out PFAS from firefighting foam

PFAS continues to be used in class B firefighting foam, but Connecticut lawmakers are looking to reduce the use of this chemical.  The Senate and House have approved a bill phasing it out, but the House made changes and sent it back to the Senate on the final day of the legislative session.  It was approved later in the Senate again.

Brookfield Representative Steve Harding and Senator Craig Miner introduced the amendment to note that "intentionally introduced" means deliberately utilized regulated metal or PFAS in the formulation of a package or packaging component.

PFAS is used in nonstick cookware, water-repellent clothing, stain resistant fabrics and carpets, some cosmetics, products that resist grease, water and oil, food packaging and food service ware. According to the Center for Disease Control, PFAS are strongly linked to certain forms of cancer, liver damage, hormone disruption, increases in cholesterol, thyroid disruption, asthma, reproductive disorders including infertility, low birth weight, and decreased response to vaccines. 

In terms of the firefighting foam, DEEP will provide takeback for municipalities.