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City of Danbury raises rainbow flag in honor of Pride Month

The City of Danbury has raised a rainbow flag in honor of Pride Month.  The flag will only be displayed for the day, as is customary for cultural flag raisings outside City Hall.  But local social justice organizations asked for inclusion after learning the event would be taking place.  The Danbury Area Justice Network and Action Together Connecticut call on Mayor Joe Cavo last week to make details of the planned event known to the public.  The groups provide services for the LGBTQIA+ community. 

The organizations also asked for a formal declaration issued by the Mayor to designate the month of June as Pride Month in the City of Danbury. 

Cavo told the Newstimes that cultural organizations usually request to hold flag raisings weeks or months in advance, and had already arranged for the city to raise the Pride flag when he received an email from the organizations. 

Danbury Area Justice Network founder Will Love emailed some City Council members asking if Danbury would be marking Pride Month, and none were aware of anything.  Councilman Frank Salvatore emailed Cavo about the June 15th event, but Love says there was no response back with details.  Love says they hadn't requested a flag raising in past years because they didn't think it was a possibility.  Love doesn't know what prompted the flag raising this year, but notes that things like Pride, Juneteenth and Black History Month are starting to be front and center in people's minds. 

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Local Headlines