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Multiple attempted coyote attacks on dogs, owners reported in Southbury

Multiple attempted coyote attacks on dogs and their owners have been reported in Southbury.  The incidents on Tuesday happened in the Platt Park / Traditions area. One dog attacked by a coyote was seen by a veterinarian for injuries and a Rabies vaccination booster.

Southbury Animal Control has strict Rabies protocol to follow when wildlife encounters take place.  The dog has been placed on 45 day strict confinement and will be monitored for any symptoms of Rabies. If the pet had not had Rabies vaccinations, the pet may have been placed on a six month quarantine, or even been subject to mandated euthanasia as Rabies virus poses a public health and safety issue. 

Southbury has experienced an uptick in confirmed rabid wildlife over the last two years. 

Pet owners are being called on to be cautious of leaving them unattended while outdoors, especially during the evening.  Southbury Animal Control is urging all pet owners to report wildlife encounters immediately. 

Some common symptoms of rabies can be unprovoked aggression, difficulty walking, and excess salivation.

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