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Brookfield Library applies for grant for sterilization equipment

Brookfield Library is applying for a grant to benefit the library staff and patrons by cleaning and sterilizing all surfaces including the outside of books and shelving. If awarded, the $22,000 would be used to purchase a SteraMist Disinfecting System.  The portable, hand-held unit is an EPA-registered solution and equipment fogger featuring hydrogen peroxide as the sole active ingredient.  The technology can reach the toughest spots and goes beyond manual cleaning and other disinfection methods.  It's a broad-spectrum surface disinfectant from a direct mist application.  It kills bacteria and inactivates viruses, which may reduce the risk of potential exposure in treated spaces.  The manufacturer says the system is effective against MRSA, COVID-19, Salmonella and Norovirus among others.  The grant would cover the cost of training and support.