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Marine Patrol expands shifts later to better protect boaters after dark

Just because the sun goes down, doesn’t mean that everyone heads back to the docks on Candlewood Lake.  The Candlewood Lake Authority Marine Patrol has made a big push this year to expand shifts later into the night to provide public safety for boaters who are on the water after dark.  But they note that Jet Skis are only allowed to operate from Sunrise to Sunset.  Other vessels must have illuminated red and green bow lights along with a 360 degree white light.  Boats at anchor at night must have their white stern light illuminated the entire night. As part of efforts to expand and improve safety on the water, Marine Patrol officers are focusing their personal watercraft patrols on educating and interacting with other jet ski operators and boaters who are in areas that are hard to bring a patrol boat.  This includes near groups of anchored boats or close to islands.

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