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Remington seeks academic, attendance records of five children killed at Sandy Hook School

Remington is seeking the academic, attendance and disciplinary records of five children killed at Sandy Hook School as their families sue the gunmaker.  The subpoena also included requests for school records of four educators whose families are suing.  Lawyers for the 9 families are asking the courts to seal the confidential records.  Lead attorney Josh Koskoff says they got no explanation for why Remington subpoenaed the Newtown Public School District to obtain the kindergarten and first-grade records, saying they can't be of any assistance in estimating the catastrophic damages in this case.  Koskoff added that the only relevant part of their attendance records is that they were at their desks on December 14th 2012. The families sued Remington for wrongful death, claiming the company recklessly marketed a military-grade gun to civilians.  Remington has since been dissolved in bankruptcy court, and four insurance companies have taken over the former company’s defense.

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