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On Saturday September 11th the Connecticut United Ride, a motorcycle ride paying tribute to the 20th anniversary of 9/11, will be passing through the Greater Danbury area.  The motorcade travels through Wilton, and access to sections of Route 33  and Route 7 will be restricted.  Adjacent streets on the east side of  Route 7, north of  the Route 7 and Westport Road intersection, will not  be able  to enter Route  7.  Adjacent  streets on the west side of Route 7 will  be  restricted to entering in a  southbound direction only. 

The ride will come through Redding northbound on Route 107 from Route 7 up to Route 58 into Bethel. The anticipated starting time is at around 11:30am.  Redding Police say motorists can expect road closures and traffic delays for 30 to 45 minutes in this area. 

The ride will enter Bethel at approximately noon, via Route 58 northbound from Redding.  The procession turns right onto Route 302 eastbound and travels into Newtown.  All adjacent intersections will be closed along the route as the procession passes, resulting in substantial delays as the procession can span up to a half hour.

The 60-mile ride is nonstop, rain or shine, along a closed route, with riders escorted by police and proceeding through intersections and stop lights without stopping. It will start at Sherwood Island State Park in Westport, and pass through Wilton, Redding, Bethel, Newtown, Monroe, Trumbull, Fairfield and Bridgeport, arriving at Seaside Park about 1:15pm. 

Motorists are required to wait for the entire motorcade to pass, until the last emergency vehicle passes. Motorcyclists are not allowed to join the ride in progress, and those in the ride are discouraged from exiting the route.

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