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Sandy Hook Promise has released another PSA aimed at raising awareness about the signs that could lead to gun violence.  This one features survivors of school shootings performing a rendition of the Katy Perry song, “Teenage Dream.”

In the video, the teens and young adults are shown with short sentences below their name, school and shooting date.  One is paralyzed from a bullet to his spine, one has a bullet still lodged in his heart, while another had two friends killed next to her as they huddled in a closet.  Photos and x-rays of their gunshot wounds are displayed as they sing lyrics like “you and I will be young forever,” and "don't  ever look back, don’t ever look back.". 

Sandy Hook Promise says  the United States recorded its 481st mass shooting this year, on September 5, and its 20th mass murder of four or more people during a shooting in Lakeland, Florida. 

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