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New Fairfield is looking to purchase 7 body cameras and 9 dash cams for the Police Department.  The town has two more cruisers than officers, but the state requires that back up vehicles be equipped and ready to go. 

Selectman Khris Hall questioned why the town is not looking to buy back up body cameras.  It was noted that New Fairfield doesn't usually have all 7 officers out at one time or on a particular shift.  The video would be downloaded at the end of each shift so the cameras don't need to be assigned to a particular officer. 

New Fairfield in the process of upgrading police station infrastructure and one of the reasons is because the internet capability is not close to what is needed to support body cam footage.  There is also no outdoor wireless, which is needed to automatically upload footage as cars return from service. 

New Fairfield schools, town, and library are all one one system with an internal network allowing technicians to access devices without having to go to the devices. Police and Fire would be brought onto that system through these upgrades.  New Fairfield officials note that technology deliveries are all coming in as 'To Be Determined' because of microchip and metal shortages.

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