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Properties approved for annual Ridgefield deer hunt

Ridgefield officials have approved the parcels of land to be included in this year's town-backed deer hunt.  The Conservation Commission approved the hunt parameters, including for the Golf Course.  The Board of Selectmen also signed off.  

Huntmaster Stefano Zandri discussed the number of kills the committee had last year and what they expect for this coming year.  Deer Committee members killed 43 of the 67 deer killed in Ridgefield last year. 

The 166-acre Ridgefield Golf Course will be open for archery with limited muzzleloader hunting.  The 20 acres between Old Trolley and Shadow Lake, the 16 care Peaceable Refuge and 10 acres of Turtle Ridge Court are for just archery.  Sarah Bishop is 39 acres and was approved for archery and firearms, but after resident concerns that was scaled back to just archery. 

The Deer Committee is asked by Conservation Committee each year to pick five of 15 authorized properties and these are the final five.  The group wants to generate 15 new properties next year to give the original ones a rest.  Zandri says they hope to get back on properties that haven't been hunted in six or seven years to see what's going on there.  Zandri says back in the day there were upwards of 40 deer spotted in any given area, now they're only seeing a handful so the hunt is doing what it was meant to do. 

Accurate signage at the hunt locations was reviewed by the commission.  Notification of abutting and nearby neighbors before the hunting season opens is necessary.  Hunting stands and related structures need to be removed immediately after the hunt is concluded.

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