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Drawdown of Candlewood Lake and Squantz Pond planned by FirstLight

A drawdown of Candlewood Lake and Squantz Pond is planned by FirstLight.  The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, the U-S Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Candlewood Lake Authority approved the drawdown season to begin December 1st.  It will run until the opening of fishing season in April 2022.  Water levels will fluctuate throughout the season and will drop to minimum pond levels to expose invasive Eurasian Water Milfoil to freezing temperatures, which helps to reduce the annual proliferation of the plant during the recreational season.  Exact dates and associated lake levels were not released as they are based on certain weather conditions. Homeowners are encouraged to remove their structures, boatlifts, and docks from Candlewood Lake prior to the winter season to prevent ice damage along the shoreline. All work planned to occur along the shoreline requires prior permitting from FirstLight.

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