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The Western Connecticut Superintendents Association has issued a letter for local school districts to send home to parents about the potential for school bus driver shortages.  Today is the deadline for school staff and contractors to have at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine under a gubernatorial executive order. 

The letter said the majority of All Star’s drivers have already complied with the governor’s order ahead of Monday’s deadline.  But other district use Student Transportation of America.  If there are bus shortages this week, parents will be notified via email of routes without a driver, and any alternative plans.  Those could include rescheduled time for later pick up after other routes. 

Students late to school due to bus issues will not be marked tardy.

Brookfield's Superintendent sent a letter to parents over the weekend about the possible interruption.  John Barile said about 300 bus drivers across the state may not meet the Governor’s Executive Order.  He says All Star Transportation is experiencing a reduction in the number of its drivers, including substitute drivers, but Brookfield has been able to manage so far.  The Brookfield School Director of Business Operations has worked with the bus company to monitor contracted service providers to comply with today's deadline.

Danbury Superintendent Kevin Walston is tracking buses every day to see where there are issues with kids arriving to school and home late, sometimes after 4pm.  Dozens of families have emailed district officials about the school bus routes, which prompted the daily monitoring.  Danbury is paying staff to supervise kids after school because of the late buses. 

Two new bus drivers were hired last week, adding two more buses. 

During the Board of Ed meeting Wednesday, member Joe DaSilva noted that the app parents use to track the buses shuts off at 4pm.  Walston responded that he wasn't aware of that and would check with the bus company.

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