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Danbury School officials are considering a number of ways to get students to and from school more efficiently.  Districts across the state and the country are contending with a bus driver shortage, which has caused students to arrive to school or home late. 

Student Transportation of America has enough vehicles, but not enough drivers to cover routes. The state is working to speed up the process for driver certification.

Superintdent Kevin Walston says one idea is to have the high school start 5 minutes earlier to alleviate the delays.  While times have gotten better during the first month of classes, Walston says they could still be better.  The idea would be to have high school students arrive at 6:55am instead of 7am so that instructional time could be bumped up by 10 minutes.  Middle School students would also start earlier. That would then trickle down to alleviate travel time for elementary bus routes. 

Walston says they would need to negotiate with the unions to allow this, because staff, like residents, also have family commitments and child care challenges.  

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