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Danbury is lifting the mask mandate for fully vaccinated individuals indoors in public places, effective Friday.  Mayor Joe Cavo says the City is in a place where the requirement can be relaxed, but noted that if cases start to rise again it could be reinstated. 

Cavo says he's certain by masking up two months ago had a huge impact on keeping the caseload down.  He added that the biggest prevention tool is for people to get vaccinated, adding that the percentage is continuing to climb though not as quickly as he'd like it to. 

Cavo thanked residents for their cooperation in masking up, acknowledging that it wasn't easy for everyone to comply. 

Danbury establishment can continue the use of masks and facial coverings, on their own, for staff and visitors.  He notes that if requested, the City Health Department will be available to assist in facilitating an implementation plan.  He reiterated his support of the choice of fully vaccinated residents and visitors who want to continue wearing a mask in public settings where they might feel at-risk or cannot social distance themselves.  

Danbury Public Schools and private schools in Danbury are not subject to City regulations, but rather state rules. Masks are required in schools under an order from the Commissioner of the Department of Public Health outlining conditions and environments subject to the exemption provided in Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 12A. The order also requires healthcare facilities, facilities housing vulnerable populations, public and private transit, correctional facilities, and childcare settings to require face-covering masks.

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