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Excavation work has started in Newtown at the site of the Sandy Hook Permenant Memorial. The Public Building and Site Commission received an update at their last meeting from the Construction manager.  Tree clearing, erosion control and installation of a temporary fence and PVC pipe started as well.  Excavation was done for the water feature.  The rebar and concrete is the next step. 

Crews are working with Eversource on the location of a transformer.  Aquarion is bringing a water line down Riverside Road.  First Selectman Dan Rosenthal says it would have been more expensive to use the nearest line to the firehouse because they would have had to wait for Eversource approvals for electrical at the right of way. 

Lighting was also discussed.  There will be up lighting on the central Sycamore tree, and general lighting at the main water feature. 

A permanent entry gate that can be closed and locked was added.  The site, like Newtown town parks, will be closed after dusk and in winters, after the 12-14 anniversary. 

The Commission approved $3,839 for a permanent entry gate, $77,324 for concrete unit pavers, a $59,830 reduction for reduced site lighting of Bollard lights, $16,121 for a new water line connection and $16,389 for a new electrical line.  According to an update from SWA, a donation of granite cobblestone pavers could replace the currently planned concrete pavers in the loop around the water feature.

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