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Target in Bethel has been given the OK to move forward with plans to increase the storage area for items people order online but pick up in store, add more curbside pick up parking spaces, and locate a Starbucks in a renovated snack bar area.  The Planning and Zoning Commission signed off on the maximum commercial floor area limitation changes. 

The Commission noted that the special permit will allow Target to go from the existing 613 parking spaces to 578. 

Partial in-store remodel, including renovation of existing accessory snack bar/cafe area, and 24 new  drive-up parking stalls were approved effective October 30th and 31st.

The store’s current stock room holds about 50% of the replenishment stock product needed to operate efficiently so Target currently leases an offsite facility.  The addition will also be used for a new employee lounge area and training conference room area.

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