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84 stolen vehicles have been recovered over a two-month period as a result of local police departments working together in a collaboration dubbed Operation Wingspan.  Newtown Police Chief James Viadeo says 11 of those were recovered while being used in the commission of another crime.  The $5 million operation, using state funds, involved Newtown, Bridgeport, Fairfield, Westport, Monroe, Trumbull, and Stratford along with the FBI. 

The departments have arrested 38 adults and seven juveniles, seized 12 guns, and recovered narcotics.  Monroe Chief John Salvatore says one of the guns was later traced to a shooting. 

The police chiefs say the same technology that makes driving a modern car more convenient also makes it easier to steal.  Their efforts will continue through the end of the year and Viadero says they're asking the state if they want to extend the funding. 

The coalition is based in the recently opened Bridgeport Police Fusion Center.  A couple of town police officers joined nearly a dozen from Bridgeport to monitor about 12-hundred cameras around the Ciuy and pool their information from license plate readers.

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