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The state House and Senate districts have been redrawn, but the bipartisan committee of eight legislative leaders and one former lawmaker needs more time on Congressional district boundaries.  Some changes were made at the state level to accommodate population growth in Fairfield County.  The Reapportionment Commission faces a deadline of today, but received U.S. Census data late due to the pandemic. 

The biggest change is that the Eastern Connecticut lost a district due to population shifts.  The 42nd House District was in the Ledyard area, but is now in Wilton.

A part of Newtown is no longer in the 112th House District, but northern Newtown is now part of the 107th with Brookfield.  All of Redding is now in the 135th District.  Most of New Milford remains in the 67th, but portions are in the 108th with New Fairfield and the 69th with Roxbury. 

Kent Representative Maria Horn says the 64th District gained the Town of Washington.  Goshen, which was divided in the 2011 redistricting, has been reunited into the 64th.  

When it comes to state Seante districts, the goal is to have between 95,000 and 105,000 residents.  Most of Bethel is now included in the 28th Senate district with Newtown, Easton and Fairfield.  That changed the 24th Senate District to include Danbury, southern New Fairifled and half of Ridgefield.  The Stony Hill section of Bethel and southern Brookfield have moved into the 32nd district, currently represented by Republican Eric Berthel of Watertown.  The 32nd moved south, losing portions of Warren and Washington to the 30th. 

In Litchfield County, the 30th Senate District, the largest geographically in the state, which borders New York and Massachusetts, grew to the east, and now includes all of Torrington. The district is represented by Republican Craig Miner.

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